Did you read part 1 of this blog – well it really wasn’t a part one at all tbh. I had this idea for a blog with the above title – proceeded to write the bloody thing and completely forgot all about why I was writing it and what the title meant. So I’m gonna do that here- that’s if I’ve not lost you already.Still reading ? Good let’s continue.

I talked about in the (not) part one about how I had this conversation with another yoga teacher about Yoga as Sadhana ( spiritual practice and not just a physical contortion contest , which is what it’s fast becoming). After the conversation and writing the blog I came to the rather loose conclusion that yes practicing yoga postures can be construed as a spiritual practice. This teacher did go on to talk about how doing the advanced* Ashtanga Yoga sequences shows a level of dedication and devotion synonymous with a Yoga Sadhana – well maybe they didn’t say those exact words and maybe I misinterpreted what they were trying to say , but that was what I inferred. And I’ve been thinking about that for a few weeks . And it’s bullshit. Well it’s bullshit to me. I seem to revisit similar themes in my writing, and this theme has been revisited a few times so apologies if I’m repeating myself (yet) again. So just to unpack the conversation here ( I’ve always wanted to use that word unpack – I hear it all the time on podcasts and wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. So I looked it up and boom here it is in one of my blogs , get me eh!) the ability to stick your leg behind your head or even up yer backside ( ok ok that’s not a yoga posture but I added it for comedic effect , laughter after all is the best medicine ) means one is more spiritually advanced and shows a higher level of devotion compared to someone who is busting their ass through Sun Salutation A and B every day. That.Doesn’t.Make.Sense. And I think the problem therein lies in the Mysore accreditation process where teachers are certified or authorised based on their physical prowess ie flexibility is rewarded with status. Bananas no ? 

Anyway to try and circle back to the blog title, I’m gonna use a phrase that I nicked from another yoga teacher ‘Yoga and Meditation are synonyms’. I do this Zen meditation called Shikantaza – which literally means just sitting – and it’s a heavy just maybe it should be written JUST  ie there’s no fannying about with counting breaths or reciting mantras etc but one JUST sits. Part of this meditation is sitting with eyes open looking at a wall. The eyes open thing has both practical and philosophical reasons which I’ll save for another time . But to try and square this circle and I’m sure you’ve joined the dots by now, but to present one’s postural yoga practice as being superior or even inferior to another persons is as daft as saying when I’m doing the aforementioned Zen meditation thing my wall staring is better than yours. Although now I’ve finally got to the point and written it down, I’m pretty sure there’s a few bumbaclarts out there would say that they could stare at a wall the bestest ever. Bumbaclarts.

Right just had an email notification from someone representing a dying person who is leaving me $500,000,000,000 in their will so I’m gonna be rich so no more blogs baby , mic drop. 

(Yes of course I know it’s a blag -I was pulling yer leg init – more blogs coming soon) (and go  buy my book already – it’s only 5 quid and ALL profits to Operation Shanti) (thanks).

* advanced meaning advanced flexibility and strength and not meaning more cosmic or whatever ..