Classes starting from Thursday 1st September. All classes to be held at Space at the Mill – details here.


Ashtanga Led Class 7.30pm-9pm £10

Matt guides an Ashtanga class with an occasional twist or two on the traditional style of teaching. It doesn’t generally include a breath count when in the poses but the sequence is taught with those familiar Ashtanga Vinyasa flows. It’s open to all levels so that experienced practitioners can always find the depth and beginners will be encouraged, challenged and where necessary have numerous options to modify.

Whether it’s your first class or 1000th, you will be just as entitled to access the blissful meditative state that arrives in sincere practice. The teaching language is anatomical and mindful as opposed to esoteric and mythological.


Ashtanga Yoga Full Primary Led Class 8am-9.30am £10

In a Talk Through ( led ) class the teacher calls out the names of the postures in sequence and counts the correct vinyasa in traditional Sanskrit with all students moving together as a group. Learning the correct vinyasa gives the student a deeper understanding of the practice.


Early Morning Mysore Traditional Ashtanga Yoga 8am-9.30am £10

The Ashtanga yoga method is a fairly dynamic form of yoga which builds strength, stability, flexibility and focus. During self-practice classes students will move through the practice at their own pace and will have either committed the sequence of postures to memory or be working towards it. Beginners are always welcome and there is no need to have any previous yoga experience. The beauty of the Mysore room enables students of all levels to move and breath together in a practice tailored to suit their own individuality and potential.

The postures are also known as ‘Asana’ which is the third of eight limbs of the Ashtanga system. ‘Asana’ is often translated as ‘comfortable/steady seat’. Students move through a set sequence of postures using the ‘vinyasa’ method which entails moving with the breath. The breath provides the fulcrum for the yoga practice

Please book in advance below

1 class £10
Sat & Sun £18 ( to be used over 1 weekend)
5 class pass £50