Wherever I lay my mat that’s my home. And now my mat is in the rather lovely sunny seaside town of Ramsgate in the South-East part of England. And so we begin again.

Ashtanga Yoga Ramsgate will be my new jam – and I’ll be teaching Mysore Style Self-practice sessions plus led classes too – all at the lovely Union Yoga studio in the town centre. I’m hoping students who I’ve taught over the years – all over the world, might want to jump into trains planes and automobiles and come and join me for some Ashtanga vibz, man!

Looking through a few of my testimonials from students who I’ve taught , there’s a common theme- well there’s a couple – one just how ace I am : ) – sorry to blow my own trumpet a bit there , I know all teachers think they are ace – especially Ashtanga teachers !! I guess I don’t actually profess to be the best teacher on the planet – I just aim to be the best teacher I can be for any student I’m teaching on the day that I’m teaching them. That’s my teaching philosophy. Keep it simple. Also slightly more cosmic , is that I ain’t ever trying to be any kind of Guru ( I’m from Manchester , we don’t do Gurus) my plan is only to try and awaken the Guru inside the student ( I told you it was more cosmic). That in simple terms means I have only the student’s needs and wants as my primary focus when I’m teaching , I don’t have any ‘it’s my way or the highway’ agenda – not one bit . It’s all about the journey of the student. Secondly ( from the common testimonial themes) is that I’m down to earth – no bells and whistles from me. I love that (zen) phrase authenticity is it’s own authority and my own authenticity lies not with the actual asana practice but in my interaction with the student.

Ashtanga Yoga Ramsgate must be built – and it will be, by my very own hands – come join me.