I will be teaching a three hour Ashtanga Yoga intensive on Saturday 29th August at the amazing Space at the Mill venue in Manchester city centre. The workshop intensive will be split into 3 separate parts – please see below for more details. There will be limited places available which will allow for appropriate social distancing measures in the studio.

Details of the sessions are as follows :

9am-10.30am  Primary Series Led Class

In a led class the teacher calls out the names of the postures in sequence and counts the correct vinyasa in traditional Sanskrit with all students moving together as a group. Learning the correct vinyasa gives the student a deeper understanding of the practice. I will be adding in suggestions , advice and techniques to the session to allow each student to find their own unique expression of the postures.

10.30am-11.15am Introduction to 2nd Series

In the second part of the intensive I will be leading students through as much of the Ashtanga Yoga second series (AKA intermediate sequence) as seems appropriate for the students attending. I’ll  be offering alternatives and guidance along the way and explain methods and techniques to make the second series feel more fun ,accessible and user-friendly.

11.15am-12pm Backbending

The final part of this 3 hour intensive I will be leading students through my very own back bending sequence adding techniques advice and methods to help deepen into back bends and also to give students their own little backbend sequence to take home.

The session will end with my ‘Mind & Body Letting Go Deep Relaxation Experience’.

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