With the Matt Ryan Next Level Yoga Programme you’ll move into deeper levels of flexibility strength and balance whilst achieving calmer mind states.

Does Your Yoga Practice Look Something Like This?

  • Still a little nervous around inversions e.g. shoulderstand & headstand
  • Your flexibility is good but could do with more strength ( or vice versa)
  • still struggling to find that yoga body and mind you always wanted
  • You want to improve the way you look and feel, internally & externally

If so, the Matt Ryan NLYP is for you.

With the Matt Ryan Next Level Yoga Programme…

You’ll achieve deeper levels of flexibility balance and strength whilst moving into calmer states of mind. This will in turn give you more confidence in both your yoga practice and your everyday life.

About The Next Level Yoga programme

Yoga sequences designed for results..

To ensure you get the absolute best results possible Matt Ryan creates vastly different but effective yoga sequences tailored specifically for you and your body.

The programme features live in person yoga classes plus access to Matt’s video library chock full of amazing yoga sequences plus guided meditation and relaxation sessions. You’ll also have the opportunity to check in daily with Matt either by email or phone call.

Got certain problem areas in your body – no problem Matt will create a bespoke yoga practice for your body’s unique specific needs.

It’s About YOU, YOUR body & YOUR mind.

Everyone’s body is different, some people have super open hips but tight hamstrings whilst others can effortlessly stand on one foot but struggle to fold forwards. The programme will address your body’s unique needs and get them fixed.

After your 7 day FREE trial…

We will be contacting you to sign you up for a discounted monthly subscription

About Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan is an internationally renowned yoga teacher and one of the most respected yogis the world over. He has 20 + years of teaching globally plus a private clientele chock full of A list celebrities. His NLY programme has been taught to everyone from movie & rock n roll stars to premiership footballers – all with amazing results.

A few words from Matt Ryan

Hi there I hope you are doing well today. I just wanted to say a few words about how confident I am that my Next Level Yoga programme will be a perfect fit for you. I’ve designed both my classes and videos so that you will be able to develop all areas of your yoga practice both in the body and the mind also. And if you have a specific problem area – no worries I will create you a bespoke yoga sequence to go a little deeper in that area. I know how hard it can be to achieve deeper levels of flexibility and strength but I know you’re going to be amazed at the results in no time at all.

What they are saying about Matt Ryan.

Matt is an amazing teacher. Under his guidance and with the help of his extraordinary audio & visual cues, I’ve been able to take my practice to a whole new level.

Vincent Erickson , Rio de Janeiro

Matt Ryan is an excellent and insightful yoga teacher who has the amazing ability to teach me to do things that had always seemed impossible.

Nina Menkes, Los Angeles

I cannot recommend Matt Ryan’s Next Level Yoga programme enough- his NLYP practice saved my life. I went from being a total beginner to a competent yogi in a very short period of time.

Julie Neville Manchester

Mind & Body Benefits From The Matt Ryan Next Level Yoga programme ( NLYP)

  • Improvement in your posture –The yoga postures and sequences that I teach will help to improve your posture and help relieve aches and pains in the whole body – especially the lower back. I am seeing plenty of people on the programme who have developed back problems from sitting for long periods of time hunched over at a desk or at their computer, getting fixed within a few sessions.
  • An Increase in your flexibility levels – You don’t have to be able to touch your toes to attend the NLY programme but I guarantee with regular attendance you’ll not only be touching your toes but you’ll be able to get your hands flat to the floor.
  • A stronger body – The NLYP sequences are designed for you to develop strength in your weaker muscle groups. You will also notice a difference in just a few sessions the body starting to tone up – leaving you feeling and looking great.
  • A boost in your metabolism levels – A regular NLYP practice will help you to keep the body and mind fit and inspire you to healthier eating habits. This will improve your body’s metabolic rate and increase your body’s vitality.
  • Feel good in body & mind – Your NLYP practice will not only help you to feel good and positive about your body but also in your mind by increasing your levels of self-esteem.
  • Helps to lower blood sugar levels – THE NLYP classes will not only help to boost your good cholesterol but will also help to decrease your blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels. This will in turn help you to lose weight.
  • Better sleeping patterns – The NLYP helps to create a peaceful and relaxing environment – you will notice your stress levels decreasing and an improvement in your sleeping patterns.
  • A boost for you immune system – The NLYP allows for the postures to have a positive effect on your immune system by boosting it to help fight off various viruses and diseases.
  • Increase your lung capacity – NLYP classes will not only help you to develop strength flexibility and balance in the body but they will also help to increase your lung function and capacity through the teaching of correct breathing. Correct breathing can help to cure various respiratory problems.
  • Increase in your blood flow – I have created the NLYP sequences to allow for the blood to be regulated to all parts of your body. The NLYP yoga postures will get the blood moving and into the lungs for the oxygenation process.

Your next steps..

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